Matt is a professional photographer based at his gallery 49 Drumlanrig Street, Thornhill. Predominantly a  landscape photographer his work mainly covers the Highlands, The Lake District and of course the often overlooked Dumfries and Galloway countryside.
He is also a portrait photographer and his work can be found at his other website here.
Matt’s landscape work is for sale either in person at his studio gallery at Thornhill or it can be bought online through his online store. Matt offers group and individual workshops. The group workshops will follow a prescribed itinerary and the individual workshops are tailored to suit you. For more information about the workshops and for a couple of sample itineraries please click here.

 If you have any questions or queries for Matt please do get in touch and he will be happy to assist in any way he can.

His studio gallery also displays the work of a small number of photographers are artists from time to time. If you wish to display and sell your work at the studio gallery then please get in touch.
Please note that Matt does not sell digital images, except in the case of magazines and media or for corporate requests.