Loch Lomond Workshop - Easy Access

Landscape photography by its very nature can be restrictive and open only to those with a good level of health and fitness. This is something that I have been looking to try and challenge so I have launched a new workshop for those who are not as fit and able, centring around Loch Lomond.

The first of these workshops took place on the 3rd March 2019. Meeting my delegate, Karl, at Loch Lomond Shore we headed up to the Falls of Falloch where we were met with some incredible noise - the waterfall was in spate and creating a beautiful mist too. We spent about an hour or so at this location working on compositions as well as trying out different shutter speeds to see what gave us the best results.

Falls of Falloch.jpg

After the falls of Falloch we headed back down South along the West Bank of the Loch stopping at Firkin Point. We got quite lucky here as a break in the rain allowed Karl to capture the rainbow over the Loch with Ben Lomond in the frame too. Firkin Point is just one of many bays you can stop at that are just moments away from the car but allow great compositions.

When we had exhausted all the options along at Firkin Point we headed to Aberfoyle for a well earned lunch and then straight on to Little Fawn Falls. This is the furthest we needed to walk all day and it was only an easy 5 minute stroll along well maintained footpaths. Again, with the water levels so high we had fantastic conditions for waterfall photography and couldn’t fail to come away with a great shot.


After this we made our way along Loch Ard. This is a great place to stop and grab some shots - some places you don’t even need to leave the car! However on this occasion we were not really lucky with the weather with strong winds killing any hope of a classic reflection shot and dull, grey skies not providing any interest. So we carried on and came to the fabulous Loch Arklet. This is one of those places, along with Loch Katrine, where it really starts to feel like you are in the Highlands. A 2 minute walk down the Loch Side gave us some incredible views over the Loch and 30 minutes or so were spent working on compositions as well as practicing long exposure photography.


A few miles further down the road and we were at Inversnaid Falls on the East Bank of Loch Lomond. This really is 30 seconds from the car and a quite wonderful falls. They can be photographed from the footpath, or if you are feeling slightly more adventurous, an easy scramble down will allow you to look up at the falls and make a bit more of your composition. Karl stayed up the top and got a great photo with wonderful contrast whilst I did both the lower and upper composition - and I am still not sure which one I prefer!

The Lower Angle

The Lower Angle

The Higher Angle

The Higher Angle

Lastly, we drove back down to the famous lone tree at Milarrochy Bay. Again, the tree is 10 metres from the car so we barely had to move from where we had parked to photograph this little gem. The tree is perfect for long exposures to make the most of the clouds and the mountains in the distance. Whilst I didn’t get my camera out on this occasion, here is one I took previously.

Loch Lomond014.jpg

And that concluded our day. 6 great locations in 8 hours and barely any walking! Ideal for those with lower levels of fitness but also perfect for those who are looking for a more relaxed day. I am offering this workshop again in May so if you would like to book on or for more information please contact me.

Matt Ward