9 of the best Landscape Photographers you probably don't know about

Landscape photography is everywhere on the internet. But my go to place for inspiration is Instagram. There are probably a couple of hundred landscape photographers that all of us follow but there are 10s of thousands that have very few followers so in today’s blog I am going to trawl through Instagram to find some really great photographers with less than 2000 followers and then follow them.

  • @Timjackson.photography. UK based photographer who has appeared to have gone to some amazing places. Some of his work is really beautiful. His work from Iceland and Arizona is particularly special.

  • @theweecompass. Edinburgh based photography. Love their editing stye - has a very subtle, faded film type look. Their composition and execution means they don’t need to go to the most amazing places to pull off some really great images.

Screenshot 2019-04-09 at 09.18.19.png

@photos_by_gordon Based in Shetland this photographer is right up my street. Captures the moodiness and ruggedness of our beautiful country

  • @stuartslyphotography now usually I don’t like landscape photography in mono but I can make an exception for some of this work! That lighthouse - wow! Every image on this grid looks to have been carefully though out and composed. How this guy only has 500 followers is beyond me.

  • @anita_nicholson_photography For Anita to only have 311 followers at the time of writing it is a travesty. I am loving here use of soft pastel colours, especially further down on the grid. Beautiful work.

Screenshot 2019-04-09 at 09.41.30.jpg
  • @cathgothardphotography Cath is another of those that use those beautiful, soft colours in her editing. In fact, most of her photos have a beautiful, dreamy feel to them.

  • Damian_waters_photography Damian is what I would call a more traditional landscape photograhper. Is images have no heavy processing, instead he relies on the light, the landscape and the composition. Really nice work.

Damian Waters Photography
  • @philpot100 Another photographer with only 500 followers who surely deserves more - if not for his rather humorous profile pic. I love his Fairy Pools of Glen Brittle image and Neist Point lighthouse is stunning.

  • @row_an_james My first non UK account. The thing that I like about Rowan’s account is it is punchy. Straight away I am impelled to keep scrolling down. The image with the fisherman is more than a bit special.


Ok these last 2 followers have got waaaaaaaaay over my 2k limit but I am including them for a reason. They are my two main inspirations for photography. Both wildly different in end product, however both have a style that makes their work uniquely identifiable to them - and that is probably one of the biggest challenges in photography. These guys are TJ Drysdale who posts with his partner under @followmeaway and Michael Shainblum who is just here.


OK, just because it’s my blog, I thought I would include my own Instagram grid on here - if you would like to follow me (of course you would!) then find me @mattwardphotography (damn I need more colour in my grid!!)

Matt Ward Instagram
Matt Ward