I love a panorama but.....

I love photographing a panoramic view. I love the added detail and the sense of scale that you can get.

I love the challenge of getting the exposure to look right across the frame.

I love the challenge of stitching it all together in Photoshop ti make it look just perfect.

BUT…. they are almost pointless it seems. The majority of my work is (unfortunately) viewed on a mobile screen in portrait orientation (there are analytics for these things - crazy huh?!) So a mobile phone screen is something like 1500 pixels wide. So a 5:1 panorama will display at approximately 300 pixels high. An average mobile phone is about 3000 pixels tall so my panorama now takes up approximately a tenth of the screen. This will not, in this day and age, hold anybody’s attention for any amount of time.

I also struggle to display these images on my website for the same reason. And nobody really has a panorama printed unless it is for above a sofa or a bed. This massively limits the sales potential too.

So all in all panoramas are good fun. They are a challenge. But for me, they are nearly pointless. Nearly. And it is because of that nearly word that I will carry on doing them.

Matt Ward