Photo editing is a sensitive subject. Some, like myself feel that is an important part of the photography process. Others view it as the devil’s own work.

Photo editing ranges from simple adjustments such as straightening and cropping an image right through to more complex things such as removal of unwanted objects and colour grading.

I want my images to represent how I felt when I was at location. A castle may feel imposing. A stone circle eerie. A forest haunting. A mountain view inspiring. I try to achieve this as best I can in the camera with a mixture of composition, camera settings and filters. This isn’t always possible and this is where Photo Editing really comes to the fore.

I exclusively use Adobe products. This is mainly because I started using them when I first started editing and have never found it lacking in any way. There are a tonne of other editing softwares out there and I cannot comment on any of them as I have never used them. My editing process sees me work one of two ways. Firstly I catalogue in either Lightroom or Bridge. After this I make my basic adjustments in Camera Raw or Lightroom before moving on to Photoshop for the final tweaks. This is just my way of doing things and I am not by any means saying it is the only way to do things.

Below are a few examples of before and after editing. Some are more minor tweaks such as colour balance and exposure where others have had more dramatic colour grading done to them. Not all will be to everybody’s taste and that is absolutely fine.

I run in-person and Skype editing workshops for both beginners and more advanced users of Adobe’s editing suite. For more information on these courses please head on over to my workshops page or contact me.