Below is a list of some of the gear I use on a day to day basis, why I use it and a link to get it. These are affiliate links from Amazon so if you use these I may earn a few pennies (there is no cost to you!) Any questions as always, please ask and I will be happy to help!

Canon 5d MK IV - I have been a Canon shooters since my first DSLR. Both Nikon and Canon do great DSLRs and there are great things to be said for the mirrorless cameras from Sony, Fujifilm et al, but for stills, I have yet to try a better camera than the 5d MK IV. Virtually every image on this site was taken with the MK IV or it’s predecessor the MK III. If you are dabbling in a bit of video as well, the camera is a great place to start with Full HD recording up to 60fps and nice 4k footage to boot. Get it on Amazon here.

Canon 24-70L F4 (Macro) - The sharpest lens I have owned bar none. Without the extra price tag of the 24-70 F2.8 but with the added feature of the 0.7x Macro, this lens lives on my camera. A great focal range for landscape and commercial photography, I rarely find myself needing anything else. Get it on Amazon here.

Canon 70-200L F4 - When I do need the extra focal length I grab my 70-200 telephoto zoom. A fraction of the cost of the F2.8 version, this lens is fast enough for my needs as a landscape photographer whilst still capturing pin sharp images across the board. Get it on Amazon here.

Lee Filter Foundation Kit - For me, the best filter sets available. I have used many different brands, both square filters and screw on types and this knocks them all out of the water. Get it on Amazon here.

Lee 77mm Adapter Ring (Wide Angle) - For use with the Lee Starter Set. Make sure you choose the correct filter size for your specific lens - they are all different! Get it on Amazon here.

Lee BIG Stopper - Want smooth water and drama in those skies? The Lee Big Stopper is the filter for you. A 10 stop ND filter with very little colour cast…. what isn’t to like? Get it on Amazon here.

Zomei ND8 filter - For when you just need a little less light hitting the sensor. This ND filter has virtually no colour cast, is a fraction of the cost of many other filters and will just allow you to slow things down enough to get a nice smooth water. Also useful if you are filming wide open on a bright day. This filter is a steal. Get it on Amazon here.

Hitech Soft Edge Grad Filter (0.6nd) - If I could only have one filter in the bag it would be this one. Without doubt the most important filter in a landscape photographer’s armoury is the soft edge grad filter. It will stop you from blowing out the sky whilst exposing for the foreground. So important and a massive time saver. Get it on Amazon here.

Manfrotto 190 Tripod - Hands down, the best tripod I have ever owned. And I have had a lot. Light enough to carry but heavy enough to be stable. With the all important quick release legs and a flexible centre pole for versatile shooting. Get it on Amazon here.

Neewer Tripod Head - This product ended up on my tripod by a happy accident and it hasn’t left it since. A bargain of a piece of equipment and equal or superior to many bigger name brands. A dream if you like shooting panoramas. Get it on Amazon here.