Choosing a wedding photographer or videographer is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make when planning a wedding. Your wedding photos or video will be the main things you have to remind you of your day. They will be the link to your wedding day that you will one day show your children and grandchildren. Your photos will travel the world to friends and family unable to attend the day. And, if you choose the right photographer and videographer, they will tell a story. A story that you can revisit again and again.

My wedding photography is priced at £1295. This may seem expensive at first glance, especially compared to Facebook offers that are all over the place these days. I have seen some Facebook wedding photographers offer full day services for £200. So why would you pay me more than £1000 more? Let me explain…

  • I only use professional gear. Professional camera gear costs a lot. Several thousand pounds for a camera, the same again for lenses. Without professional gear, in non perfect lighting situations (such as a church), even the best photographer will struggle to get results. I also have back up gear in case something goes wrong (it can happen)

  • I am experienced. I have been doing this for a number of years. When I started I went on training courses and worked alongside other photographers and did weddings for free so I could get the practice in. I am 100% confident that I can capture your day as you see want.

  • I have photographed weddings in many different locations and venues; from beaches in Spain to the Caves in Scotland, via Stately Homes, Marquees and even a zoo.

  • I am creative. I don’t like to do the same photos over and over again. As wedding photography is no longer my main job I am able to approach each wedding I do with enthusiasm and fresh eyes.

  • I am a full time photographer. All of my working life is dedicated to photography. This allows me to keep on top of the latest techniques and trends.

  • I am insured. 100% covered. If something goes wrong, I have insurance in place to put it right.

  • I have been doing this job for a number of years. I have multiple contacts who may be able step in if I am unable to attend due to an emergency.

  • I take the time to get to know you. You are not a number or just another booking and I appreciate that you want your wedding photos to be just perfect. If you want to meet 4 or 5 times to discuss your wedding photography then that is what we shall do. Need a bit of advice on another aspect of your wedding? Chances are I can help - from traditions to recommending other suppliers.

What you risk when you book a cheap photographer…

  • The “stack them high, sell them cheap” Facebook photographer will likely not be insured, have specialist gear, have contingency plans, be a member of a professional photographer or have invested in themselves with regards to training courses. If they are offering £200 weddings then there just isn’t the margin. To make a reasonable living they must do over 150 weddings a year… that’s 3 a week. It takes me over a week to hand edit your photos.

  • If they are doing lots of weddings, then the editing will not be to the same standard as a higher priced photographer/videographer. They will probably use presets (like Instagram style filters).

  • They will probably not have the time to invest in to your wedding like you may hope. No pre meetings, engagement shoots, proofing sessions etc.

  • They will probably not have sample albums and other products for you to view.

  • They are probably inexperienced.

Other things to be aware of….

  • Reviews are not what they seem in my opinion. Pretty much ever. Reviews do not have to be verified (either on Google or Facebook). I have never asked for a review to be left for me and I know plenty of other photographers who are in the same boat. Reviews are often left by family and friends to “help” the photographer when they first start with no thought to future customers. Ask to see a portfolio, if there isn’t one on a site. If that is good then ask to see at least 3 examples of a full wedding to see what your end product will be like.

  • You will see “award winning” or “shortlisted for…” on nearly every website you visit. Unfortunately, there are some awards that you can actually pay to enter and then you are automatically on the “shortlist” and able to use that badge. I myself have been awarded a “top 3 wedding photographers in South Scotland” honour, on the proviso I pay to use the emblem etc on my website. Er…. no.

  • Check that the portfolio includes real weddings. This will generally mean a bride, a groom and some guests! I will be 100% honest and say that I have attended workshops and also done styled shoots as well as promo shoots for venues etc and some of these will probably appear in my online portfolios. Other photographers should do the same if asked.

I hope this guide helps you choose a wedding photographer or videographer. Please note that I am not trying to bash those creatives trying to make their way into this business - it is a hard one to crack as I know. Rather trying to help you navigate the minefield of choosing a wedding photographer.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and I will be more than happy to try and help you out.